Breakthroughs in Modern Art

by Six Gallery

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Recorded at Central City Recording (Columbus, OH)


released March 23, 2010

Engineered and Produced by Austin Leigh Briggs


all rights reserved



Six Gallery Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Bermuda Triangles
*Bermuda Triangles*

Bite your tongue you sad girl.
Take a walk Bimini Road.
Bite it it off and swallow.

I'm hoping for you, I'm falling over.
I was a bit afraid, I was a bit.

So long to find you,
so long to figure you out.
(Say it all or get out)

Think Chris was right, October.
Fire in the sky he warned us.
How smart you are, Atlantis.
An irony can't help ya.

Break my heart, you southern belle.
Track Name: A Live Nativity Scene
*A live Nativity Scene*

Someone should tell you
about what you've said before.
Keep it like a secret.
But act like you mean it.

If this is the "big time",
the sin and the sacred,
where fair is a point of view,
take what you get.

Yeah I get the "punchline",
it's thin and it's faded.
Is it all the same to you, asleep in bed?

I'd say you'd be wrong.
Track Name: Built to Last (Side by Side)
*Built to Last (Side by Side)*

Pause to repeat.
Act out, lose sleep.
Your prayers, loose leaf,
cut your teeth.

No big surprise.
Bat eyes, that's nice,
you're past, past prime.
Fold your knife.

Some get it wrong.
Stand by and smile
for you to appease,
side by side.

I'll take it back
when you're built to last.
And although I'd love to be head first,
while keeping it nice and neat,
what's worse?
Track Name: Say Matte
*Say Matte*

It's more than obvious,
I feel as though I might have let you down.
I'll trade you more for less.
I'll ask, you'll tell, it's done.

Just leave me be.

Sit, watch it turn to dust,
the monument we made.
Expect with murderous
response the sighs and shame.

Just leave me be.
Track Name: Edie and the Marble Faun
*Edie and the Marble Faun*

Understand my Marble Faun,
Grey Gardens plain freaked me out.

Costumes consist of skirts and a cape.
You lost your damn mind while playin' it straight.
Conservative eyes in shame.
Whats eft of your beauty but pain?
'75 raccoons in the wall there's nowhere to hide.

Little Edie said
that the handy man
was a Marble Faun.
Whats a Marble Faun?
Edie whats the point ?
Edie whats so wrong?

Edie said the handy man's a Marble Faun,
a Marble faun.
Track Name: Glaciar de las Lágrimas
*Glaciar de las La`grimas*

Starve: eat off my legs.
Call. You know I'll remember your names.
All I've lost everything that I have.
I've fed on my friends when their dead.
Passing the time to pretend
to live with the things that we did.

I'm not Ethan Hawk.
Some decisions decide what we want.
I'm left holding a haunt.

I'm not Ethan Hawk.

I'm not Ethan Hawk...
Track Name: Just Hey
*Just hey*

I've got a lot of habits,
so more than I would want.
They've left me in the poorhouse,
I'm poor but set in stone.

Yeah rich but whats the difference?
You'll end with what you want.
What I want's not as easy.
You've missed the fuckin' point.

You'll breathe but whats the difference?
Your ends of no remorse.
To con a con-man is easy.
It's hard to make a point.

I'll make words out of nothing but good intentions.
Wait your turn, when the righteous loose their direction.

You're left with what you want. You've missed the point.
Track Name: Honestly, Really?
*Honestly, Really ?*

I wish I were as convincing as you are.
But I'm not,
second guessing what we are:
slow to start.
Maybe we can work it out,
maybe not.

I don't expect a thing from you.

You cut your losses with out proof.

Unlike the things you said you'd always do.
Unlike the thing you said you'd always prove.

I'm realistic and I'm honest and I want to understand.

At least I'm honest.
Track Name: Fish Milk
Track Name: Smile Like a Switch
*Smile Like a Switch*

You smile on and off like a switch.
I write silly songs to get rich,
but it's honest work when
you've tried just as hard to stay sick.

Grow old and grow out your mistakes.
Firm grasp or occasionally sane.
Nothing I do or say,
make peace with your face when it's fake.

I'll give you what I've got to give.
Life's hard but its harder to live,
and there's always dead ends.
We act like we are on sinking ships.